Historic Market Street

Downtown Lewisburg features six blocks of beautiful, historic, commercial and residential architecture. The Campus Theatre and the Lewisburg Hotel are two stand-out examples.

The Campus Theater

413 Market St.

“Meet me under the marquee”

What a treasure! The Campus Theater, located in the heart of downtown Lewisburg, is one of the few remaining single screen Art Deco movie palaces in the country.

Combining first run movies with an energetic schedule of special presentations and private functions, the Campus Theater provides a very special brand of entertainment to the region.


(Campus photo courtesy of Ken LeVan from LeVan Design)



The Lewisburg Hotel

136 Market St.

Established in 1834, this elegantly restored and remodeled hotel graces the main thoroughfare of downtown Lewisburg.

After 150 years of providing accommodations for generations of travelers, the facility closed in 1992. To the delight of the local townspeople, Norman and Nancy Buck embraced the vision of a restored hotel and undertook the ambitious renovation project, reopening the Lewisburg Hotel in 1997 with a meticulously reconstructed fine dining room, a bar, and guest accommodations.



The Opera House

Lewisburg had a grand, old opera house, which hosted opera and later Vaudeville live performances, located on the site of the municipal parking lot behind the Lewisburg Post Office. Unfortunately it was lost to fire in the early 1900’s.

(Opera house photo courtesy of Tiffani Scott)



Some Long-Lived Lewisburg Businesses

(courtesy of Rick Sauers, Director of the Packwood House Museaum)

Lewisburg has been the home of many business endeavors over the years. Some have quickly come and gone, but quite a few establishments have been in town for more than forty years. The list below includes many of these thriving commercial enterprises. From 1834 to 1993, Kline Hotel/Cameron House/ Riviere House/Hotel Lewisburger. The Hotel closed in 1993 but reopened as Lewisburg Hotel in 1998.

  • 1830s-1880, American House Hotel
  • 1841-1992, pharmacy at 202 Market
  • 1844-at least 1921, Buffalo Flour Milling Company/W. D. Deitrich
  • 1853- current, Lewisburg Savings Institution/ Lewisburg National Bank/Northern Central Bank/ Keystone Financial/M&T
  • 1858-1990s, A. E. Bower Jeweler/Grenoble Brothers Jewelers
  • 1865-1920s, Union Hotel
  • 1865. Union National Bank/Mellon/Omega Bank/First National
  • 1868-(?),Lewisburg Woolen Mills
  • 1868-1914, John Zearfoss Harness
  • 1869-at least 1920s, Marsh Shoes/Irey & Brobeck/ Irey Shoe Store
  • 1874-1961, Dreisbach Hardware.
  • 1877-2009, W.L. Donehower Sporting Goods
  • 1878-at least 1945, Bucknell University Book Store
  • 1880s-2004Lewisburg Chair Company/PA House Furniture
  • 1888-at least 1920s, C. W. Oldt/Kline & Oldt/ Herman & Leiser Dry Goods
  • 1896-2001, Lewisburg News Agency
  • 1898-1998, Prowant’s Mens Wear
  • 1904-1995, Buffalo Valley Telephone Co.
  • 1906-1971, Gundy’s Hat Shop
  • 1907-current, Lewisburg Trust & Safe Deposit Co./ Commonwealth Bank/Meridian Bank/ Core States/Sovereign Bank
  • 1907-current, Purity Candy
  • 1908(?)-1960, Orpheum/Roxy Theatre
  • 1911-current, Citizens’ Electric
  • 1916-current, Evangelical Home/United Methodist Homes/Albright Care
  • 1918-current, Swengel/Pursley/Erdley/Shaw Funeral Home
  • 1924-2006, Bechtel’s Restaurant
  • 1925-1980, Ross Photography
  • 1926-current, Edwin D. Mensch Agency
  • 1929-current, Stein’s Flowers
  • 1933- current, Meixell-Diehl Agency
  • 1938-current, Dornsife/Cronrath/Grenoble Funeral Home
  • 1941-current, Campus Theatre
  • 1941-current, Rea & Derick/CVS
  • 1941-current, Champion Shoe Repair
  • 1941-current, Lewisburg Builders Supply
  • 1944-current, Wolfe’s Jewelers
  • 1948-current, Catherman’s Candy
  • 1949-2009, Wagner’s Stationery
  • 1949-2002, JPM Company
  • 1952-current, Stamm’s TV & Appliances
  • 1952-2006, Matrey’s Foodtown
  • 1957-current, CATV Service
  • 1961-current, Dor-Day’s Subs
  • 1962-current, Towne Tavern
  • 1962-current, Cole’s Hardware

(Historic market street picture courtesy of the Packwood House Museum)