Make Market Street More Beautiful

Make Market Street More Beautiful

Downtown is the heart and soul of Lewisburg and we’ d like to keep it that way with the addition of flower baskets of summer flowers and winter greens to our signature street lights. The project will help unify the historic Market Street district from the Susquehanna River to Route 15 by adding seasonal color in baskets visible above the street Flower Baskets on Market Streettraffic. Lewisburg Borough has given preliminary approval to this plan if we can have it financed for a minimum of three years to see how effective it might be.  There are 77 lampposts included in the project which would involve the initial purchase of the basket, coco-liner, soil and installation, then yearly labor and purchase of annual spring plantings and seasonal greens for the winter. Weekly watering and fertilizing will be included during the summer season. We are hoping to finance this project through the Lewisburg community and outside grant sources. We have already received a small grant from the Lindig Foundation and pledges from Bucknell University, Playworld Systems, Country Cupboard and several individuals have pledged three year amounts, so the project is on it’s way.

In May, watch for the sample flower basket on the street light in front of RAL Architecture and Design! If you would like to see flower baskets on Market Streets historic lampposts, here’s how you can help:

Beautify a Block…Beautify a Street Light…Buy a Basket…Sponsor a Planting

Winter Flower Baskets on Market Street

There are several ways your contribution can Make Market Street More Beautiful in time for the 2016 holidays.  The following list gives you an idea of  what you sponsorship dollars would buy; however, any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Beautify a Block:  Your contribution of $5,530 will purchase baskets, liners, seasonal plantings, watering and fertilizing for an entire downtown block for the first year.
Beautify A Streetlight: Your contribution of $1332 will purchase the basket, liner, seasonal plantings, watering and fertilizing for one streetlight for three years.

Buy A Basket:  Your contribution of $312 will purchase baskets, liners and the initial planting for one basket for the first year.

Sponsor a Planting:  Your contribution of $75 will purchase planting a basket for one season.

As you can see, there are many levels at which to participate. The bottom line is that the initial purchase and planting for the nine blocks of Market Street would be approximately $24,000; the watering and fertilizing would be around $19,000 per year; spring replanting around $5,775 per year and winter greens around $5,775 per year with $108,339 being the total cost of beautifying Market Street for three years.

Please contact Stephen Lindenmuth at 570-524-7974 or Lewisburg Downtown Partnership at 570-523-1743 with any questions or comments.

How To Give

To make an online contribution, visit here and click the “Special Instructions” option and note “Flower Baskets”.

To contribute by check, please make checks payable to Lewisburg Downtown Partnership and note Flower Baskets on the check memo line, and mail to Lewisburg Downtown Partnership, PO Box 298, Lewisburg PA 17837

A Lewisburg Downtown Partnership Project.  Contributions earmarked to the “Flower Baskets” will be used entirely as described above and do not support day-to-day operations of the LDP.  All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.