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A Statement From The Lewisburg Downtown Partnership

The Lewisburg Downtown Partnership was created to ensure that downtown Lewisburg remained the heart and soul of Lewisburg, as such we find it imperative that we publicly acknowledge the suffering we are going through as a nation. 

The LDP commits to doing all we can to create constructive spaces where justice and peace can flourish.  We must work harder towards encouraging a racially and culturally diverse local business community. 

Our vision of having downtown Lewisburg be the cultural and economic magnet for the region greatly depends on us,  the business community, to cultivate diversity of thought and provide space for all races, ages, and genders in our town.

We have much work to do in this country, and indeed in our own community, to acknowledge and shift a legacy begun hundreds of years ago.  The LDP is a community non-profit organization that condemns racism in all of its forms.  We recognize that we must do better and we are committed to that effort.  While we offer these words of assurance and support, we recognize that our actions going forward must speak to our sincere promise.  As we approach the hard work of creating our next 5 year strategic plan we commit to exploring and implementing what we can do as an organization to foster this process in our community.

Downtown Lewisburg Bingo: How To Play

Download Bingo Card 1 Here

Download Bingo Card 2 Here

Download Bingo Card 3 Here

How to Play:

  1. To mark off a space on your BINGO card, make a purchase of any kind (gift card, on line, by phone, in person) from one of the applicable businesses, make a donation to one of the local non-profits or mark off your spot by following the instructions in the BINGO square.  All purchases and donations must be made between June 5th and July 12th.
  2. Once you have a Bingo (horizontal, vertical, diagonal or 4 corners), take a picture of your purchases, receipts or you completing the task/selfie and send them by email to [email protected]. Be sure to attach your marked card (or a picture of the card showing your BINGO). 
    • Include your name, email address, phone number (in case we have trouble reaching you)
    • Include your Facebook name so we can tag you if you win!
    • Entries must be received by July 15th.

*(Please note that your submission by email gives the Lewisburg Downtown Partnership authorization to add your email address to our EVENTS newsletter email.  You may opt out of receiving these emails at any time)Every Bingo you submit will be entered to win a gift card worth $25 or more from a downtown business during the month of July.

3. There are three separate DOWNTOWN LEWISBURG BINGO cards.  You may play and submit BINGO on all three cards. You may submit multiple BINGOs on each card. 

4. You can submit more than one entry. (Have two Bingos on one card? That is two entries for you!

5. From July 1- July 30, the LDP will randomly select one or more of the verified entries (based on participation) to receive a $25 downtown business gift certificate. 

6. Winners will be notified via email and announced on the LDP Facebook Page.

Valley Covid19 Resources

  • PA Find health and human services information for everyday needs and crisis situations
  • 2020 U.S. Census: Participate in the 2020 U.S. Census to shape our future in PA
  • Susquehanna River Valley Visitor’s Bureau – find out if your favorite Susquehanna River Valley restaurant is still available for take-out or delivery; check out updates to the calendar of events and look for COVID-19 official updates.


All businesses conducting in-person operations must do the following:

  • Clean and disinfect high-touch areas frequently and continue to regularly clean all other areas of the building(s);
  • Establish and implement a plan in case the business is exposed to a probable or confirmed case of COVID-19 (see guideline document for full description)
  • Prevent large groups from entering or leaving the building by staggering work start and stop times;
  • Limit the number of people in employee common areas, and ensure these areas are cleaned frequently;
  • Conduct meetings and trainings virtually. If a meeting needs to be held in person, limit the number of employees to 10 and maintain a social distance of six feet;
  • Make sure employees have access to soap and water to wash their hands;
  • Provide non-medical masks for employees to wear at all times and make it mandatory to wear masks while on the work site. Employers may approve masks obtained or made by employees according toDepartment of Health policies;
  • Make sure the facility has enough employees as applicable to follow these protocols and conduct business effectively and safely;
  • Discourage non-essential visitors from entering the business premises;
  • Communicate these procedures to all employees to ensure that everyone knows how to be safe.

Any business that serves the public inside a building or other defined area must follow the above internal operations guidance and take the additional precautions listed below:

  • Conduct business with the public by appointment only, whenever possible;
  • If appointment-only service is not feasible, limit the number of people inside the building to no more than 50% of the total maximum occupancy;
  • Modify the hours of business so that there is enough time to clean and restock;
  • Install shields or other barriers at registers and check-out areas to physically separate cashiers and customers, or take other measures to maintain social distancing between customers and employees;
  • Encourage customers to use online ordering by providing delivery or pick-up options;
  • Designate a specific time for people at high risk to use the business at least once a week;
  • Require all customers to wear masks while on the premises. Businesses that provide medication, medical supplies or groceries must provide an alternate, no contact, means of delivering goods for customers who cannot wear a mask.
    • However, individuals who cannot wear a mask due to a medical condition (including children under the age of 2 years per CDC guidance) may enter the premises and are not required to provide documentation of such medical condition
  • In businesses with multiple check-out lanes, limit use to every other register. After every hour, rotate customers and employees to the previously closed registers and clean the other registers and surroundings;
  • Schedule handwashing breaks for employees at least every hour; and
  • Assign an employee to wipe down any shared contact surface before the customer touches it.

No business is required to conduct in-person operations, and should not do so if the business is unable to do so in accordance with this guidance. Businesses permitted to conduct in-person operations that are unable or unwilling to comply with these requirements may engage in curbside delivery to customers so long as strict social distancing and other mitigation measures are followed.


Businesses conducting in-person operations or serving the public are required to make employees and

customers aware of the guidance provided by the Commonwealth to keep people at their establishment safe.

  • Print,
  • Sign, and
  • Post the “COVID-19 Safety Procedures for Businesses” flyer in employee common space and, if the business serves the public, near the business’s public entrance(s) in prominent location(s).