Notice From: Lewisburg Council of Churches

Due to the government shut down in our community, we know that there are many who may be affected during this time.  As a result, the council of churches is providing additional funding for the Emergency Food Bank so it can be made available for all affected by this shutdown.  If you need help as a result of the shutdown, please reach out to Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church at 570-524-0745 and ask for the Emergency Food Bank and bags of groceries will be made available.

Also, available from the Council of Churches, Dinner By the River is a meal hosted in First Presbyterian Church on Market Street and offers a free meal for anyone in our community.  Please join us at 5:45 pm, every Thursday, for a great meal and fellowship prepared by church members, friends, and Bucknell student volunteers.

If there is another way the churches of Lewisburg can be of assistance to those affected by this shutdown, please contact Pastor Daniel Wilt, President of the Lewisburg Ministerium, at 570-524-5011 or [email protected].

The Council of Churches and Lewisburg Ministerium is made up of members and pastors from Faith Lutheran Church, Christ Evangelical Luther, Beaver Memorial UMC, St. Paul’s UMC, First Presbyterian Church, St. John’s UCC, First Baptist Church, and Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish.